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CheekyLuna's Very Saucy Waitress
23 days ago
CheekyLuna's Mud Boot Camp
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CheekyLuna's Gunge Tank Swimsuit Filling Quiz
CheekyLuna's Creamy Bikiniexplicit
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Bigger and betterer
This is one of the best gunge tank scenes I've seen in a long time! An amazing amount of mess with a greeat build up!

Definetly a great addition to the already great tank.
-rebirth    9 days ago    
Blue Swimsuit Gunging
I love all of Luna's swimsuit vids! Luna makes all our dreams come true! This vid is no exception! This classic blue swimsuit looks just perfect for some fun under the Gungetank! Thanks, Luna! I hope that your swimsuit came clean afterwards! Peter.
-MrWetShirt    5/25/24    
Wow! What an incredible scene! So much mess and fun just how it should be. I haven't seen scenes like what Luna makes in ages.
-rebirth    4/24/24    
Fun and exciting scene that gets everything right
Fantastic scene which is a convergence of a lot of great things. Luna is brilliant obviously, and love the outfit. The concept is incredibly clever and fun. The equipment works brilliantly, but I think the mess in particular might be the best I've ever seen. From all the scenes I've viewed this is the one which resoundingly feels like everyone involved just wants to be there. The sense of fun, excitement, and positive energy is the best I've ever seen--and for me that's what elevates it. The scene is cut about 50% longer than some, and Luna stays around to have

- what looks like at least--some genuine fun for the last half. (Obligatory but genuine--we should appreciate all the models and producers who do their best to bring this 'hobby' to life. Ultimately its a job, they are gamely stepping into our strange world, and people can get very weird about whether models are "doing it for the money/real wammers." I'm not looking in any way to cosign that)
-Johndoe906    4/14/24    
Blue vest and leggings gunged.
This is a straightforward, fun video at a very affordable price. Luna looks great, as she always does, this time in a blue vest and blue leggings. She gets messy. Very messy. It was great seeing the mess running all over her. Simple, straightforward fun. Thanks, Luna! Oh, and I love the way you kiss goodbye as the vid finishes! Peter.
-MrWetShirt    2/24/24    
The video is beautiful.

Especially that squirting stream...

That's what I love the most.

Thank you for this discovery and real authentic orgasms.

I would like more squirting videos :)
-amanz23    2/6/24    
Silky, clingy red nightie gets very wet!
Another real treat from CheekyLuna, for her wetlook fans! This time Luna is wearing a gorgeous silky red nightie. It looks soft and clingy as it floats over her curves. Luna gets it wet, of course, bit by bit and I love the way she carefully makes sure that it gets thoroughly wet. Then she wets her hair too, which is always good to see, shaking her head and sending her lovely hair swinging from side to side. The nightie goes deliciously clingy and a bit see-through. Not totally, but just the right effect to tease. And at such an affordable price this vid is great value and you can't go wrong with it. Thanks, Peter.
-MrWetShirt    2/2/24    
Great gunging, but Luna seemed frozen stiff
Well firstly, can I just say I'm rather jealous of Cheekyluna's gunge tank. Having made one myself at my last address and having to unfortunately get rid of it due to its sheer size and impracticality this video immediately made me wish I was able to do this kind of thing at home again. It may have even inspired me to build a new one. But anyway, in she walks wearing a short zip-front outfit which resembles one of those short wetsuits, what with its neon pink sleeves and stitching, though it appears to be made from spandex. I would also Love one of these--please tell me where you found it! Luna is happy and looks excited by what's about to happen. I was already aroused by the anticipation of the gunging. She feels her breasts in the suit, and looks up at the gunge above her head lustfully. I'm pretty sure she's horny as hell in this moment. We get a different angle of the scene, showing the multi-coloured tank of sludge that's about to be emptied over her. It would give Noel's House Party's colourful 90s gungings a run for their money! A huge smile spreads across Luan's face, her hands on her Lycra-clad bosom. She parts the fabric, ensuring that the imminent gunge gets over her cleavage. She is very excited by all this silent tension. She gives a sequak, a repressed laugh--she is desperate for someone to release the gunge. She now seems nervous--there are careful slow breaths... The gunge is released--coats her head and then slops down her front. She stands very still, stiff, as it falls. She leans back slightly to allow the gunge to fill her suit--it soon oozes out of the short legs. Soon the floor of the tank (a pool) is full of gunge and she finally begins to touch her slimy body. I wasn't sure if the gunge was very cold, but it didn't look like a very pleasant experience--however, she was happy to sit and mess around in the slime afterwards--I think I would have enjoyed some more emotion during the gunging, maybe even some speech, at the very least some touching and squelching. You do get to see the gunging from 3 angles, which is nice--but the gunging itself (mainly Luna's reaction to it) was a bit disappointing for me, after what seemed like a thrilling build up. It would also have been awesome to watch her unzip that suit while she was stood under the final sloppy dollops of gunge and show off those slimy tits.
-overallsfann    1/14/24    
T-shirt, shorts and swimsuit getting wet.
I look at content here most days and mostly enjoy. It's not often, in fact, it's really rare, only once or twice a year say, that you see something that just grabs you and you feel a surge of excitement. This is it. You're transfixed. Everything stops. You've just got to watch.

Well, swimming in tops, shorts, and swimsuits is just my thing, as anyone who has read my stories here might understand. So this scene just hit me right on the spot.

Luna has got it summed up to a tee.

A wet t, that is.

It's gentle, subtle, and all the more exciting for it.

Luna gets her kit wet bit by bit and she shows that she understands just what we wetlook fans are going through.

Then Luna gives us a good look at her lovely, clingy wet swimsuit.

100% sexuality without being explicit.

What you hide and tease us with is worth more than what you show.

Thanks, Luna. Love it. Peter.
-MrWetShirt    1/14/24    
A deffo awesome damson in distress
A really great scene nice and simple with the added bonus that the gunge is all unexpected amazing reactions throughout :)
-rebirth    1/6/24    
Luna getting wet in her little bikini
A straightforward and very realistically priced vid of Luna getting wet and splashing around in her little yellow bikini! And the bikini is, well, very little! It's great to see Luna like this on holiday, and I enjoyed seeing her start to take her shower, and when she climbs out of the pool to smile! That's when you realise just how little coverage the bikini gives! I hope you do something like this again, and if you do may I suggest that you film the three scenes over three different days? With three different swimsuits? A one-piece would be my favourite! I appreciate that there must be limitations when you are filming in a public place like this. Still, it is great fun to watch! Peter.
-MrWetShirt    12/8/23    
Milkshake down a sexy black top.
Another great fun vid from Luna. What I like especially about this one; Luna's top! The black cropped vest looks good, and the narrow straps give a nice view of your shoulders and more! I always like it when your hair gets messy first! Luna's lovely hair should always get messy! There's a nice bit of expectation before you finally pull the chord; you must have known that the milkshake is going to be really cold! As always, Luna squeals and wriggles about a bit! I love the way the milkshake goes down inside and forces the top open a bit. Then you wipe yourself all over and your outfit is all wet and shiny! Great fun! Peter.
-MrWetShirt    12/8/23    
Cheeky Luna plunges into deep mud
Great fun to see Luna going into the mud after she had just been in already, together with WamChantelle. The video of Luna's joint mud plunge is available in WamChantelle's store! As always, Luna enjoys herself, and her great sense of fun comes over throughout this scene. We shouldn't underestimate what she she doing; it must take a bit of courage to plunge in like this, and it must have been a bit cold too! I love Luna's sexy red outfit too! The first lady of WAM has dome wet vids, messy vids and now mud! Great fun! Hope you try this again next year, Luna!
-MrWetShirt    12/6/23    
It has a great vibe to it
This was a very different scene to what I normally buy as officewear isnt really my thing. However the sheer delight and fun that occurs in this scene is amazing. Luna really enjoys herself whilst she is stuck in the chair and it was amazing to watch her become gradully more destroyed and elated with her situation.
-rebirth    11/6/23    
Amazing finale!
This is another amazing scene from Luna. A good combination of bondage and evil devices. The pipe is sheer genius and the grand finale of the bucket over her head is a sight to behold!
-rebirth    11/6/23    
An excellent scene with plenty of mess and anticpation. I have only just discovered Luna's content and it is simply amazing. The finale of this is one of the best i have seen.
-rebirth    11/1/23    
Tiny yellow bikini, stocks, pies and cream!
I've liked all of CheekyLuna's swimsuit vids, so it was really good to see this one with her in a bikini! And some bikini it is too, giving generous and teasing views and showing off Luna's gorgeous figure as much as it covers up! The video opens with poor Luna's arms in the stocks! She can't do anything to protect herself from the pies! It seems that she has been naughty, and it seems that Platypus is going to punish her! Well, poor Luna thinks that it is all very unfair and she moans and whimpers the whole time, which I must admit I find very teasing. A pie-in-the-face dribbles deliciously down and Luna's hair gets a good covering, which I always like to see. Cream runs over her boobs and bikini top. Then her boobs get direct hits, before the bikini ties are undone, and poor Luna squeals a bit more. Her exposed gorgeous boobs do not stay clean. Her bikini pants are lowered too. The video works up a great climax of a total deluge. I wonder how CheekyLuna has been behaving since. I hope that she doesn't have to go in the stocks again, then again, thinking about it, that would be nice. Peter.
-MrWetShirt    9/20/23    
Swimsuit gunging with extra tease!
I just love Luna's swimsuit vids! There is something about the shape of her lovely blue one-piece that seems to have been made just for her; the suit cradles her lovely curves and shows her figure so well. Maybe it's because you know that Luna's going to get messy and you know she is going to just love it! When Luna giggles, squeals and squirms you just can't help yourself from smiling and laughing too. This is a great vid for teasing and expectation. The little pauses and the unhurried pace all add to the fun. Luna's hand restraints are another tease. Poor Luna can't do anything to stop the gunge running down her face. I loved it when the gunge goes over Luna's hair from the start. She has such lovely hair that it is not right to let it stay clean. And the swimsuit gets all the slimy treatment too. It's amazing how much gunge finds its way inside! Great to watch! Peter.
-MrWetShirt    9/6/23    
A cum-drenched delight!
Another fantastic scene from Luna--slutty and submissive but still playful and fun! The pleasure on her face is apparent, as she's totally soaked in spunky goo. And a very hot XXX finale!
-Daisy D Duncan    8/29/23    
Beautiful slimy, shiny, sexy swimuit!
I bought this one because I thought this looked like the same swimsuit Luna showed us recently, ready for the Splat event! That is an incredible picture, it got lots of likes and comments and was chosen to be "Picture of the Day!" Well, anyone who liked that picture will certainly like this vid! Luna looks great, the swimsuit fits snuggly over her wonderful curves! She starts off with small balloons and teases us by breaking the first ones over her legs. The costume stays clean, for a bit! But only for a bit. Luna has got beautiful hair, and as her lovely costume becomes slimy, shiny, and more and more sexy I was really wanting to see her hair get messy! It is worth the wait, because the best bit is when Luna bursts a giant balloon over her head. Then she rolls about in the gunge, puts it all over herself and looks just fabulous. Thanks, Luna!
-MrWetShirt    8/22/23    
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